EVO-R Z4 Style LED Side Markers

Price: $79 / Set (Pair) With 48 LED per side

Available LED Colors:

AMBER (Out of Stock)



Amber.jpg CIMG0494.jpg CIMG0497.jpg CIMG0499.jpg DSC00962.jpg
DSC00966.jpg DSC02029.jpg DSC02033.jpg DSC02036.jpg Dsc02037.jpg
evo-r-z4-led-1.jpg evo-r-z4-led-2.jpg evo-r-z4-led-3.jpg JDMZ33.jpg raseevo1.jpg
raseevo2.jpg raseevo3.jpg raseevo4.jpg raseevo5.jpg side1.jpg
side2.jpg side6.jpg telepla-img600x360-1078824968012.jpg telepla-img600x360-1078824979010.jpg winker_image.gif

Note: NO drilling require to install these Z4 LED side markers since there are already 2 holes for the "Z" emblem from the factory (OEM) fender, therefore the 2 wires can just run through 1 of those 2 holes.

Installation Instructions