Note: This Concept Z Front LED Reflector can either be wire to the Parking Light (suggested) or the Signal Light, however this instruction is for wiring to the Parking Light.

Beware: Certain color lights might be illegal in certain states, please check your local laws.


Evo-R Concept Z Front LED Reflector Installation Instruction


Left (US Driver) side installation:

1.       Turn your wheel all the way to the right.

2.       Use a minus screwdriver to remove the front part of the inner wheel wall. Make enough clearance for you to reach the OEM reflector.

3.       Use a short “plus” (i.e. Philip) screwdriver to unscrew 2 screws holding the reflector.

4.       Pull out the OEM reflector.

5.       Push in the concept Z LED (Make sure it’s the one marked “L”).

6.       Place the screws back.

7.       Locate the parking lights, which is on top side of the wheel wall. They are in green and black color wires.


8.       Split the wires. Try not to cut them. Just peel off the skins.

9.       Connect wires; red to green and black to black.

10.   Use electrical tape to cover the wires.

11.   Secure the wires.

12.   Turn ON the parking lights, test to see if the lights turn on.

13.   Place the wheel wall back on.

Right (US Passenger) Side Installations:

1.      Remove right side front bumper snaps.

2.      Turn the wheels to the left.

3.      Remove front part of the wheel wall.

4.      Remove the screw holding the bumper.


5.      Remove the following bumper snaps.


6.      Pull the bumper forward. So you can see the OEM reflectors.

7.     Remove 2 screws holding the reflector.


8.             Pull off the OEM reflector.

9.             Place the EVO-R Concept Z LED on. Screw on 2 screws.

10.         Reach the green and black parking lights. Split them and connect the Concept Z wires.

11.         Cover the wires with electric tape. Test the lights. Secure the wires.

12.         Place the wheel wall and bumper in the reverse order.

J  You’re all set!  Now turn ON the parking light & enjoy the show !  J

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