EVO-R RE Sleek headlight Kit Installation


    Thank you for purchasing EVO-R RE sleek headlight kit for Mazda FD3S. Our kit is most cost effective. We're the only sleek headlight kit that has curved lenses and no need to cut your body frame. Our projector lights will keep your lights bright. If you have any questions please email us at jay@evo-r.net . If you want direct contact please IM me on yahoo messenger "efini916" .

Kit Includes:


Left and right sleek headlight base.

Left and right painted acrylic covers.

Left and right rear base covers.

2 sets of projector lights. High/Low beam.

2 sets of wires.

Sleek headlight base holder hardware

Screws for the base (Pre mounted on the base)

Screws for the frame and rear covers.

one tube of black silicone sealant with tip.

======== HID Option ========

Left and right 8500K HID bulb (Pre mounted on the projector lights)

Left and right HID high power AMP.

HID comes with 6 month warranty.

Tools Require:

***  + Screw driver

***  Electrical tape

***  Silicon tube gun

***  Drill bit

***  Driller

*** Magic Marker

*** Masking Tape


Installation Procedure:


- Have the base painted by professional body shop. Before painting them make sure you have the pre marked the holes for the projector screws.

- Before installation make sure you have all the require tools and all items on the kit are there.

- Remove the screws which were pre mounted on the bases.

- Remove the factory headlight housing. (Please refer to factory manual)

- Use the small screws to place the rear black block off rubber plate.

- First pre mount the 6 pieces of base mounting bracket on the left and right bases. No need to screw tightly.

(Picture shown passenger side base.)


- Unscrew the first front screw on your left and right fenders.

- Use the same screw, screw on the top metal bracket into the fender.

- Try to fit the base on to the headlight area. Make sure front is not too low and all lines are lined up.

- Mount the under bracket under the base with the fender holder. Kit does not include this long screw to slide on the fender hole. But once put on should look like this.

- Just hook these screws on the fenders to hold up the sleek light pod.


- Use a black marker to mark the holes for the metal bracket to screw on. (the sides of the base)

- Drill two holes on each side of the frame. Enough for the screws to place on.

- Line up the base again and secure all the screw tightly.

- Mount the projectors on the base, according to the pre marked holes. Before mount them on make sure lights are focused. Center Projectors are for low beam and outer projectors are for high beam. You can adjust the projectors left and right to get your best view.

- The stock headlight connector has 3 wires. There are  two red wires and one black wire.  The bottom red wire is for low beam.  The left hand side red wire is for high beam and the right hand side black wire is for ground.  Black wires on the projectors are for the ground and whites are for positive connection. Please connect the wires to  projectors accordingly.

- Once all wires hook up, use provided tool to adjust the height of the the lights. High/low beam.

- Clean the sleek headlight base and lenses.

- Place silicon around the base top sides. (do not put too much, silicon might flow out )

- Carefully place the lenses on top of the base. Hold on to the lense make sure all line up and no gaps.

- Use a adhesive tape (don't use tape show in the picture. Use paper tape) on each 3 sides of the base. Just temporary hold down the lenses till the silicon are dry. (about 4-5 hrs)


กนกนกนกนกนกนกนกน Congratulations! You are done! Now go out and  shown your sleek light l กนกนกนกนกนกนกนกน


If you have any question regarding this installation, Please email me at jay@evo-r.net .


Copy right 2005 EVO-R Inc.

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